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RELEASE: The RIP by Alex Woolf via @PhrenicPress

Phrenic Press, the short story imprint of Sirens Call Publications, is please to announce its latest release


Alex Woolf


Imagine the air as a piece of paper someone just grabs and rips…

Something has been opened that maybe shouldn’t have been…

It has the appearance of damage…

Chris is in love with Sian.

Sian is dating Toby, and although she’s not sure she loves him, they’re going to have a baby together.

Are Chris and Sian destined by fate to live this unfortunate and separate reality, or did they take a wrong turn somewhere along the way? Perhaps the rip might provide a clue… But whatever it is, its sudden appearance shakes up the lives of Chris and Sian, and nothing will ever be the same again.

In this unsettling tale of romance, voyeurism, and alternative reality, is the rip a portal to another world, or an eye into our own?

The RIP is available exclusively for purchase or borrow on Amazon at:

US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | Italy | Spain | France | Japan | Brazil | Mexico | India | The Netherlands


ALEX_WOOLFAlex Woolf is the author of 16 commercially published novels aimed at young and YA readers. They include Soul Shadows, a novel about shadows that come to life, shortlisted for the 2014 Red Book Award, and Aldo Moon, about a teenage Victorian ghost-hunter. He has also had numerous adult stories and novellas published by Sirens Call Publications, Strange Circle, and Vagabondage Press.


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