Horror: Odd and Bizarre

ODD AND BIZARRE with Jason A. Wyckoff

The Inspiration Behind A Man Called Cup Jason A. Wyckoff The kernel from which A Man Called Cup sprang is straightforward—it is, in fact, explicitly stated by the narrator: Hypothetical questions are useless, because ‘no one really knows what he’ll do in any situation until he finds it starin’ him in the face.’ The idea, […]

ODD AND BIZARRE with Georgina Morales

Behind The Process Georgina Morales Writers come in all shapes and forms, our backgrounds and interests as varied as book genres. The questions we get asked the most, however, are basically the same: Why did we choose to write in a certain genre, and where do we get our ideas? Answering these can be difficult, […]

ODD AND BIZARRE with Ken Macgregor

Why A Clown of Thorns? Ken MacGregor First, I need to give you some background. Before I started regularly writing fiction, I was doing a lot of acting. I even had an agent for a while and got some pretty good paying gigs. I found a casting call for a short horror film and auditioned. […]

RELEASE: Horror: Odd and Bizarre

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of Horror: Odd and Bizarre Take two steps to the left of normal and you’ll find the type of stories offered in Horror: Odd and Bizarre. Consider them the red-headed step children of the genre… From a museum process that not only preserves the dead but […]