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Submissions Are Closed for Now I Lay Me Down To Reap!

Just as the title says, submissions are officially closed! A big thank you to all of the authors that submitted – we will be reading over the next few weeks and get back to each of the authors as soon as possible.

Lisamarie Lamb: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked Lisamarie Lamb, author of Excess Baggage in Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed, what her inspiration for her story was – instead she shared one of her childhood fears. Read on to find out why Lisamarie writes… I’m Afraid of Pandas I’m afraid of pandas. Don’t laugh, it’s the truth. Oh, they may look […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Reap: Just Over One Day Left!!

Yes, you’ve heard correctly; submissions for our anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap are closing in just over 24 hours!! If you’re working hard on a story, no need to worry, you’ve still got a little time – but not much! Need a little inspiration to help complete your piece? The eighth commandment; […]

Julianne Snow: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked Julianne Snow, author of Madeleine in Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed, what the inspiration for the story was. What we received was part inspiration and part horror – beware… Spiders: A Fear Rooted in Childhood As a young girl, my parents moved me from the city to the country. When I say young, […]

Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity

Myth or reality… Explore the twelve tales of horror and intrigue in Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity and ask yourself, what would you consider a fair price to pay for life immortal… or the chance of life at all? Would a young woman pass up a shiny bauble if she believed it to be nothing more […]

Amber Keller: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked Amber Keller, the author of Seeing is Believing in Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed, what was the inspiration behind her story. Read on to see what she had to say… The Inspiration Behind Seeing is Believing When I was a child, I had night terrors. These were more than just your average nightmare, and […]

Nina D’Arcangela: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked our own Nina D’Arcangela to give us a peek into her inspiration behind Bent Metal, her contribution to Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed. This is what spilled out of her… Beyond the Nightmare I was asked by Kalla to write a guest post describing what inspired me to write ‘Bent Metal’ for Childhood […]

Colin F. Barnes: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked Colin F. Barnes, author of ‘Shades of Red’ in Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed, what haunts his dreams, both now and as a young lad, and where his inspiration for horror comes from – this is what he told us… Freddy Krueger: Monolith of Children’s Nightmares I was lucky to be an 80’s […]

Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed Now Available!

They haunt us all. Those whispered tales of monsters hiding under the bed, or of the demons lurking in the shadowy corner where we dare not glance for fear that seeing them will make them all too real. Oh, how the innocent landscape of a child’s imagination lends fertile soil to horrors ready to be […]