VISCERA BLOG TOUR: An Interview with Jessica B. Bell, Author of Viscera | #Horror #Collection

An Interview with Viscera Author, Jessica B. Bell Having recently released the debut collection from author Jessica B. Bell, we thought it might be fun to sit down with her to discuss a variety of topics relating to writing and Viscera. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about this Canadian writer of strange […]

BLOG TOUR: An #Interview with John Mc Caffrey

Sirens Call Publications recently released Nora’s Wish, a novella by author John Mc Caffrey. As we like to do with all of our authors, we took a few months to probe his grey matter in search of some tasty tidbits and tempting morsels to entice readers. The following interview speaks to the fun that transpired… […]

BLOG TOUR: An #Interview with @ElaLourenco

An Interview with Author Ela Lourenco Recently Sirens Call Publications released Dragon Born, a magical young adult fantasy novel from author Ela Lourenco. We sat down with Ela to talk about her most recent release and this is what transpired… Sirens Call Publications: Welcome back Ela! Why don’t you take a few moments to reintroduce […]

BLOG TOUR: An #Interview with K. Trap Jones

Sirens Call Publications recently had the pleasure of publishing of publishing K. Trap Jones’ anthropomorphized novella titled One Bad Fur Day. Knowing that we wanted to pick his brains a bit about the novella and his writing, we sat down to ask him a few questions. Sirens Call Publications: Welcome K. Trap. Why don’t you […]

BLOG TOUR: Interview with Cradle’s Joshua Skye #Supernatural #Horror

Sirens Call Publications recently released Cradle by Joshua Skye, the pseudo-sequel to The Angels of Autumn. As we like to do with all of our authors, we sat down with Joshua and asked him a few questions about his book and writing. Read along to find out what interesting things Joshua has up his sleeves! […]

An Interview with Aiden Truss – Author of Gape

While forty-two years old physically, Aiden Truss maintains he’s never really grown up mentally. He makes a good show of being an adult when he needs to be, but always feels like a fraud. This is despite the fact that Aiden has two sons and has been married for almost 25 years. He’s done most […]

An Interview with Aspen deLainey – Author of Love ‘n Lies

In the beginning of the summer, Sirens Call Publications released Aspen deLainey’s debut novel Love ‘n Lies. A while back, we sat down with Aspen and asked her a number of questions. Here’s what transpired… Sirens Call Publications: What made you decide to become a writer? Aspen deLainey: I have a vivid imagination. I always […]