Out of Phase

OUT OF PHASE with B. David Spicer

Writing The Unity Contagion B. David Spicer I’d been wanting to write a story in which the monsters were inside of each one of us, and they would be literal monsters instead of the metaphorical monsters that are so often explored in stories. I wanted something along the lines of The Strange Case of Dr. […]

OUT OF PHASE with Paul M. Feeney

Dead Serious: Behind The Scenes Paul M. Feeney Dead Serious was a story I wrote early on in my writing career (which is kind of a laugh, as I’ve only been writing for about four or five years, yet it feels like something I’ve always done), back when I was still learning how to do […]

OUT OF PHASE with DJ Tyrer

Formless Horror DJ Tyrer What awaits us in the cold, uncaring worlds beyond the Earth? That was the initial thought that led to my writing of Grey Sands. The story derives most obviously from the Cthulhu Mythos, with a dash of The Walls of Eryx and a good deal of thought as to what might […]

OUT OF PHASE with Richard Farren Barber

SkyDogs: Storm Clouds and Books Richard Farren Barber It’s always raining in Stoke. I suspect that’s not necessarily true, but it certainly feels that whenever I’m passing through the town, the rain clouds gather overhead. I was traveling through Stoke with my family and the black clouds were boiling when I came up with the […]

OUT OF PHASE with P.N. Roberts

Face Value – What Inspired Me P.N. Roberts First off I’m going to give you a spoiler alert. In writing this I’ve tried not to give away too much of Face Value, but inevitably there has been a little slippage. In culinary terms, I’m hoping it’s more a case of you catching an alluring smell […]

ODD AND BIZARRE with Ken Macgregor

Why A Clown of Thorns? Ken MacGregor First, I need to give you some background. Before I started regularly writing fiction, I was doing a lot of acting. I even had an agent for a while and got some pretty good paying gigs. I found a casting call for a short horror film and auditioned. […]

OUT OF PHASE with Alex Woolf

Hive Mind: The Inspiration Alex Woolf When I was about eight my family went on holiday to the South of France, and in the garden of our rented villa, I witnessed a massed attack by a swarm of ants on a large green gecko. It was hideous, yet also fascinating to watch them gradually dismember […]

RELEASE: Out of Phase

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of Out of Phase Horror and science fiction blend seamlessly in the twelve stories contained within this anthology. Whether it’s mutation, creation, invention, machinery gone awry, or space/time travel, each of the authors included took on the challenge of weaving a tale that not only stood […]