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EERIE TRAILS OF THE WILD WEIRD WEST: An Interview with @MaynardBlackoak | #Supernatural #Horror

  Sirens Call Publications recently released the debut collection from Maynard Blackoak titled Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West. In an effort to learn a little more about Maynard and his writing, we sat down with him and asked him a few probing questions… Sirens Call Publications: Welcome Maynard! What made you decide to […]

EERIE TRAILS FROM THE WILD WEIRD WEST BLOG TOUR #StartsTomorrow #Supernatural #Horror #Collection

The blog tour for Maynard Blackoak’s Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West starts tomorrow… February 6: Horror Addicts Spreading the Writer’s Word The Horror Review Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews February 7: Stuart Conover Brent Abell Horror Addicts February 8: Bloody Bookish Christy Wilson The Flipside of Julianne Horror Addicts February 9: Armand Rosamilia Horror […]

VISCERA BLOG TOUR: An Interview with Jessica B. Bell, Author of Viscera | #Horror #Collection

An Interview with Viscera Author, Jessica B. Bell Having recently released the debut collection from author Jessica B. Bell, we thought it might be fun to sit down with her to discuss a variety of topics relating to writing and Viscera. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about this Canadian writer of strange […]

VISCERA BLOG TOUR #StartsTomorrow #Horror #Collection

The blog tour for Jessica B. Bell’s Viscera starts tomorrow… January 16: Bloody Bookish Spreading the Writer’s Word Horror Addicts Laurie’s Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews January 17: The Horror Review Horror Addicts The Flipside of Julianne January 18: Armand Rosamilia Hell Notes Horror Addicts January 19: Stuart Conover Oloriel Moonshadow Horror Addicts January 20: Horror […]

BLOG TOUR: An #Interview with John Mc Caffrey

Sirens Call Publications recently released Nora’s Wish, a novella by author John Mc Caffrey. As we like to do with all of our authors, we took a few months to probe his grey matter in search of some tasty tidbits and tempting morsels to entice readers. The following interview speaks to the fun that transpired… […]

BLOG TOUR: #Inspiration and Nora’s Wish by John Mc Caffrey

The Inspiration for Nora’s Wish John Mc Caffrey How does a horror writer ever wind up writing a geriatric romance? I’ve been asked that question more than a few times since the release of Nora’s Wish. I think the short answer is that the story wrote itself. The long answer is a bit more complicated. […]

Nora’s Wish by John Mc Caffrey #BlogTour

Nora’s Wish Blog Tour November 29th to December 5th 12/13 Shah Wharton WordsinSync – Shah Wharton The Book Sirens – Christy Wilson 12/14 Spreading the Writers Word – Nina D’Arcangela 12/15 – Armand Rosamilia The Road to Nowhere – Nina D’Arcangela 12/16 The FlipSide of Julianne – Julianne Snow 12/17 The Sirens Song – SCP 12/18 Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Laurie Jenkins 12/19 The […]