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OPEN SUBMISSIONS: What Dwells Below!

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce its next open anthology call for… What Dwells Below! For this anthology, we’re going urban! We’d like you to spin us a tale of horror describing what lurks below in the city sewers. All sorts of creatures, both real and imagined, may wish to do those who live […]

Reaping with John H. Dromey – Digging Up Ideas…

John H. Dromey is the author of The False Odor of Sanctity in Now I Lay Me Down to Reap, Sirens Call Publications newest anthology. Wanting to know the inspiration for his story, we asked John. We received this guest post in response… Digging Up Ideas When a friend showed me a write-up on grave […]

Reaping with Lori Michelle – You Should Have…

Lori Michelle is the author of You Should Have in Sirens Call Publications newest anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap. We wanted to know the inspiration behind it, so we asked Lori. This is what she shared with us… You Should You “You Should Have” was written in a response to a joke […]

Submissions Now Closed!

Well my lovelies, submissions for our Bop Til You Drop and A Friend of a Friend Told Me anthologies are now closed. We would like to thank all of the authors who submitted for their time and attention to the theme and our guidelines. We will hopefully have decisions out to each of the authors […]

Now I Lay Me Down To Reap: Just Over One Day Left!!

Yes, you’ve heard correctly; submissions for our anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap are closing in just over 24 hours!! If you’re working hard on a story, no need to worry, you’ve still got a little time – but not much! Need a little inspiration to help complete your piece? The eighth commandment; […]

Open Submissions – Carnage: After The End

It’s the beginning of the end. The Apocalypse has come; and left in its wake no more than small pockets of survivors battling to stay alive. How it came about… you tell us. Be it monsters, mechanical horrors or natural disasters, anything goes. What matters to us is what is left behind. In a world […]

Open Submissions – Now I Lay Me Down To Reap

The eighth commandment; thou shalt not steal. But everyone covets something that isn’t theirs… We want twisted tales where the protagonist is either the perpetrator or the victim of a reaping. Either way, something vital must be stolen – Organs for the black market? Will be they be tricked out of their fortune? Or their […]

Submissions for The Sirens Call Close April 1st!

Issue #2 of The Sirens Call E-Zine – OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – DEADLINE April 1, 2012 “From the Point of View of The Observer” Fiction from the eyes of the Observer. What do you see when you don’t get involved? What do you see when you can’t get involved? What do you see when […]

Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity Submissions Have Closed!

Good afternoon! Sirens Call Publications would like to thank each and every author that submitted to Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity. We’re going to start working our though all of them and hope to have decisions out within the next few weeks. If you haven’t checked out our eZine, The Sirens Call make sure you check […]

Thank you!

Sirens Call Publications would like to thank all of the authors that submitted works for our anthology of childhood nightmares Under the Bed. We’re working diligently to read through everything and hope to have emails out to those authors that submitted within the next two weeks. If you missed the boat on Under the Bed, […]