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RELEASE: What Dwells Below | #Horror #Subterranean @Sirens_Call

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of its newest anthology… What Dwells Below Have you ever walked over a grate in a sidewalk or passed by a manhole cover slightly ajar only to find the small hairs on your arm starting to rise, or terror washing over you at what may lurk […]


Submissions are now closed for the upcoming anthology titled Monster Brawl! Sirens Call Publications would like to thank all the authors who submitted stories for consideration. Once all of the submissions have been read and final decisions made, we’ll be in touch. The reading and evaluation period is two to three months from this point […]


Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce a new open submission for a horror anthology titled Monster Brawl! The Call: It’s time to let the monsters loose! We’re looking for stories of monsters, either classical or spawned from your own imagination, fighting other monsters. Make the scale as grand or as simple as you like, however […]

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: What Dwells Below!

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce its next open anthology call for… What Dwells Below! For this anthology, we’re going urban! We’d like you to spin us a tale of horror describing what lurks below in the city sewers. All sorts of creatures, both real and imagined, may wish to do those who live […]

SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: The Sirens Call – Issue #10

Submissions for the tenth issue of The Sirens Call focusing on Monsters have closed. We’d like to thank all of the authors who submitted stories for consideration. We will be in touch with you all shortly. Thank you 🙂 We’ll be sure to let you know when this issue releases!

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call Issue #10 – Monsters

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Not even close… MONSTERS! That’s right; we want your best creature story. But no copyright infringement; make sure they are your own creations. Scare us! Freak us out! Make us wet our drawers! The theme for the August issue of The Sirens Call eZine is Monsters and fear! […]

Twisted Realities with J. Marie Ravenshaw

J. Marie Ravenshaw is the author of The Silver Comb in Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity. We wanted to know the inspiration behind her story, so we decided to ask her; this is what she told us – My Inspiration for The Silver Comb Many of the stories I write are born of a […]