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EERIE TRAILS OF THE WILD WEIRD WEST: An Interview with @MaynardBlackoak | #Supernatural #Horror

  Sirens Call Publications recently released the debut collection from Maynard Blackoak titled Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West. In an effort to learn a little more about Maynard and his writing, we sat down with him and asked him a few probing questions… Sirens Call Publications: Welcome Maynard! What made you decide to […]

EERIE TRAILS FROM THE WILD WEIRD WEST BLOG TOUR #StartsTomorrow #Supernatural #Horror #Collection

The blog tour for Maynard Blackoak’s Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West starts tomorrow… February 6: Horror Addicts Spreading the Writer’s Word The Horror Review Laurie’s Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews February 7: Stuart Conover Brent Abell Horror Addicts February 8: Bloody Bookish Christy Wilson The Flipside of Julianne Horror Addicts February 9: Armand Rosamilia Horror […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call eZine – Issue 29 – Hallowe’en | #FREE #Horror

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of the latest issue of The Sirens Call The 29th issue comes in at 167 pages and features short stories, flash fiction, and poetry centered on the theme of Hallowe’en Hell. It also contains artwork by, and an interview with, Joe Roberts, as well as interviews with KL […]

RELEASE: Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West by Maynard Blackoak | #Supernatural #Westerns

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of Eerie Trails of the Wild Weird West Maynard Blackoak Eerie Trails… of the Wild Weird West In this collection of fourteen strange tales from the wild west, Cowboys and Indians face down supernatural beings of all varieties – from vampires and werewolves; to ghosts and vengeful […]

NEWS: PHRENIC PRESS Titles are #FREE Between June 25th to June 29th!

Phrenic Press is offering its entire library for #FREE June 25th to June 29th! Wondering what those titles are? Here they are: It’s the turn of the 20th century in Baltimore, MD, and as the gas lamps burn brightly, madness lurks in the shadows… When school teacher, Melisa Jameson, mysteriously disappears, famed detective H.J. Pembrooke […]

A Voice from the Gloom with Maynard Blackoak

Recently, Sirens Call Publications released its sixteenth anthology titled Voices from the Gloom – Volume 2. With ten stories contained within, none of them specific to any theme other than exceptional horror, we wanted to know what inspiration these authors were met with in writing their tales. Up first, we have Maynard Blackoak, but why […]

RELEASE: Voices from the Gloom – Volume 2

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of: Voices from the Gloom – Volume 2 Our Voices from the Gloom series is an eclectic collection of tales that will echo in your mind, making you question what is real and what isn’t. In this second volume, you’ll encounter ten stories that will send icy shivers […]