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Funny Creepy Ginger

by E.F. Schraeder

Like any book that ends up in the hands of readers (thank you!), As Fast as She Can went through many iterations and is the loving product of many people’s unique contributions. From late night conversations about the characters and storyline, cover design work, to hours of edits and revisions, a lot of wonderful folks influence the eventual final product. But while working on Fast, one of the characters themselves played a role in the outcome, too.

I usually begin stories with at least two things: a general plot outline and main character bios. Those basic sketches aren’t rules, but they give me a baseline to work with while I start writing. Sometimes when you’re working on a project you get lucky and write a character who develop quirks and a mind of their own— that kind of character voice can inform the theme and direction of the story as well as the overall tone. If I’m writing and start to ‘hear’ what a character may say or do in different situations, I know I’m eventually going to benefit from listening to them no matter what I thought I was going to write.

Ginger was like that for me. No matter what kind of wild adventures I had in mind, Ginger had a sense of humor I couldn’t squelch. I had a plot outline, but Ginger had the punchlines. In an early stage of writing, I thought I would eventually edit out some of the odd, occasionally borderline inappropriate, wonky jokes. I worried Ginger’s dialog and internal commentary would be too wacky, too weird amidst a kind of gory monster tale. But not long into one of those early revisions, I considered how much I enjoy romps through campy horror. I soon realized Ginger’s quirky sense of humor had won me over. She’s a character all right, and I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have.


NEW_PROMO_E.F.Schraeder_AsFastAsSheCan_Final_FrontCoverAs Fast as She Can, by E.F. Schraeder

Living in a quiet house on the outskirts of town, Ginger isn’t like the other girls.

When she wakes up and discovers the unthinkable about her adoptive parents, she runs away and goes on a rampage straight to the only friend she has. Can she control what they both become?

With a violent, growing hunger and more questions than answers, Ginger has nowhere to turn.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR — The author of Liar: Memoir of a Haunting (Omnium Gatherum, 2021) and other works, E.F. Schraeder usually writes about not quite real worlds.  Schraeder is also an avid gardener and hot pepper enthusiast who believes in ghosts, magic, and dogs. Say hello online at



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