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Through Clouded Eyes
A Zombies Point of View


Through Clouded Eyes: A Zombie’s Point of View: a collection of twelve stories told from the Zombie’s perspective.

They’re shambling toward you, feet dragging on the broken roadway. Arms outstretched, faces slack, they move as if they’re tracking your scent on the wind. You want to run, but you know there’s nowhere to hide.

Aware of their insatiable hunger, fear paralyzes you. These things were once human, people someone loved. Is there anything left inside them – some sliver of humanity that may save you from this nightmare? Your mind doesn’t want to accept the inevitable, a single thought consumes you: what are they thinking?

With your chance of escape dwindling, you snap out of it and run like hell knowing there is little to no hope; fate is coming for you. Soon you will see what they see Through Clouded Eyes


The Lazarus Virus, Alex Woolf
Metamorphosis, Shannon Lawrence
Night Beat, Neal Privett
Immortal Infantry, Trevor Firetog
Through the Eyes of the Dead, Paul M. Feeney
Granny Gert’s Good Eats Café, Maynard Blackoak
Grisly, Zachary O’Shea
Scrawled Pages, Josh MacLeod
Careful What You Wish For, Mark Steinwachs
Camille’s Walk, Stacy Fileccia
Red, Calvin Demmer
La Cocina de Zombie, DH Hanni

Click here to grab your free copy on Amazon! —>>>



Click here to grab your free copy on Amazon! —>>>

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