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What Dwells Below


Have you ever walked over a grate in a sidewalk or passed by a manhole cover slightly ajar only to find the small hairs on your arm starting to rise, or terror washing over you at what may lurk unseen?

The twelve tales in this anthology explore urban horrors waiting just below our feet… Whether it’s the story of four boys who go searching for an urban legend only to come face to face with something far more sinister, or a man who watches those who dwell below under the cover of darkness while secretly coveting their subterranean existence, or tales of persons gone missing who disappear into the depths never to be seen again, there’s something in this collection to keep even the most staunch explorer above ground for a long time.

What Dwells Below will haunt your imagination with the unseen long after you have finished reading it!


Subterranean, Peter Oliver Wonder
Gator Bait, Ray Zacek
Drains to Bay, Guy Riessen
Reclusive, Jason Kawa
Melvin’s Disgusting New Job, Christofer Nigro
The Space Between, Brent Abell
Clog, Jonah Buck
In the Dark, S.K. Gregory
The Kindling of Bones, Nicholas Pascall
Underworld, Sheldon Woodbury
The Tale of Thomas, Jeremy Magargee
Taken, DJ Tyrer

Click here to grab your free copy on Amazon! —>>>



Click here to grab your free copy on Amazon! —>>>

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