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Transcending Dimensions

Ela Lourenco

The third book in the Dragon Born series, Awakening, is the continuation of Lara’s destiny. She is older yet still evolving – learning to harness the duality of her nature and to truly become one with her dragon side. Constant trials and hardships are thrown at her as she seeks to fulfil the prophecy of the Child of Fire. Her planet, Azmantium, is one of magic and mystical beings, yet her story is all too real.

Awakening is a fast-paced fantasy adventure mystery tale filled with supernatural beings, magical weapons that speak, set in a world so unlike our own… and yet many of the themes I have interwoven into Lara’s story transcend time and space. Friendship, betrayal, perseverance – we can all relate to these. The ever-present fight between the darkness and the light, the duality of our own natures – struggles we all face on a daily basis.

In Awakening, I really wanted to highlight what it means to be a young adult – not a child and yet not quite an adult either – that halfway point when our personalities are changing and we are beginning to truly become who we will be. Child of Fire or human being, we are all faced with peer pressure, obstacles on our paths – all faced with crossroads where we must choose to take the easy way out or to face our fears and fight the shadows.

Magic and mystery aside, the Dragon Born series, is at its heart, the story of all my readers. The bravery and loyalty Lara shows time and time again is inside all of us. The unwavering support of her true friends something we all aspire towards. Lara is a dragon, the Child of Fire, but her story is all of ours – the hope that when we come together anything is possible.

Now for some info on Dragon Born: Book Three, Awakening:


The Royal tournament, the Karnac, is fully underway. But there is deception and betrayal at every turn. Unseen dark forces are at play, both within the school grounds and out with. Even the Gods are unable to help when a new threat looms over them all.

The very existence of Azmantium depends on Lara fully becoming the Child of Fire and casting aside the Shadows lurking in every corner of her beloved planet.

Can she overcome the challenges that await? Will the Shadows cover the world in darkness? Only Lara and her friends can change the fate of Azmantium.

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bio picture cameron pr_bwAbout the Author — Ela Lourenco is a lover of all things fantasy, magic and mystery and loves nothing better than cooking up new tales – that is when she isn’t nose deep in a book herself! Nomadic by nature, she has now settled down in Scotland with her hubby, two daughters and two cats.

Ela also runs creative writing workshops for children and is passionate about helping those with learning difficulties to get ‘back to enjoying stories’.

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