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RELEASE: My Sweet Rock by Alex Woolf via @PhrenicPress

Phrenic Press, the short story imprint of Sirens Call Publications,

is pleased to announce its latest release…

My Sweet Rock

Alex Woolf


She would always be there, just out of sight, behind every porter’s trolley, pillar, or steamy cafe window…

You see a girl in the train station; your heart skips a beat. With no opportunity to meet, you move on with your life. Some years later, you see the same girl at a ferry port. Again, a furtive glance is all you are afforded. A third sighting twenty years after the first, and the beautiful young woman hasn’t changed since the first day you saw her. What was simple fascination now turns to obsession. You must meet her, but how? You never spoke a word; you know nothing of her.

With no idea who this elusive creature is, you hire a private investigator. Even you know it sounds ridiculous that you’ve encountered the same girl three times over the course of two decades and she hasn’t aged a day. As ludicrous as it seems, the investigator takes the case, but what happens when he finds her and is captivated by her as well? Did you trust the wrong man? Could you trust any man?

Is this enigma a figment of your combined imaginations—have you both become so enamored with the idea of her that any woman becomes the ideal creature? Or is she simply the beautiful girl you initially saw living her life with nothing to hide?

My Sweet Rock is available exclusively for purchase or borrow on Amazon at:

US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | Italy | Spain | France | Japan | Brazil | Mexico | India | The Netherlands


ALEX_WOOLFAlex Woolf is the author of 16 commercially published novels aimed at young and YA readers. They include Soul Shadows, a novel about shadows that come to life, shortlisted for the 2014 Red Book Award, and Aldo Moon, about a teenage Victorian ghost-hunter. He has also had numerous adult stories and novellas published by Sirens Call Publications, Strange Circle, and Vagabondage Press.


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