STILL DARK BLOG TOUR: January 19 to January 27 | #Horror #Paranormal #MindControl with @Sirens_Call & @DWGillespie

Still Dark

D.W. Gillespie

DWGillespie_StillDark_cover_promoWhen a thunderous explosion rocks an idyllic cabin resort in the Great Smoky Mountains, animals and humans alike begin to act strange. Jim, along with his wife Laura and son, Sam, are cut off from the outside world, but they soon realize the true nightmare is just beginning…

Deep in the snow-covered woods, something is waiting. The creature calls itself Apex, and it’s a traveler. Reading the minds of those around it, Apex brings the terrifying fears hidden in the human psyche to life with a singular purpose: to kill any that stand in its way.

Locked in a fight for their lives, Jim and his family must uncover the truth behind Apex, and stop the creature from wreaking a horrifying fate upon the rest of the world!

Amazon Digital and Print: US | UK | Canada | Australia | Germany | France | Spain | Italy | Japan | Mexico| Brazil | India | The Netherlands

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Gillespie-Family-Nov2014-53ABOUT THE AUTHOR — D.W. Gillespie has been writing dark fiction in one form or another since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He’s been featured in multiple horror anthologies, both in print and online. Still Dark is his debut novel, and his second book, a short collection titled Handmade Monsters, arrives in 2017. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and two children.

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The Tour

January 19 – Horror Addicts, Hellnotes, Nina D’Arcangela’s Spreading the Writer’s Word, & Shah Wharton’s Words in Sync

January 20Horror Addicts, Horror Review, & The Flipside of Julianne

January 21Horror Addicts, Horror World, & Armand Rosamilia

January 22Horror AddictsBrent Abell’s Our Darkest Fears, & The Sirens Song

January 23Horror Addicts, Horror Tree, & Nina D’Arcangela’s The Road to Nowhere

January 24Horror Addicts, & Lee A. Forman

January 25Horror Addicts, & Stuart Conover

January 26Horror Addicts, & Laurie Jenkins’ Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews – Paranormal Features

January 27Horror Addicts, & L. E. White’s An Opener’s Closing

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