RELEASE: Monster Brawl! | #Horror #Anthology

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of its newest anthology…

Monster Brawl!

MonsterBrawl_FrontCover_FinalIt’s time to let the monsters loose!

For this book, we collected stories of monsters doing epic battle with other monsters! The beasts could be classical by design with a unique twist, or they could be spawned straight from the author’s imagination. The only rule: there must be a clear-cut winner at the end of each story; one of the creatures had to die!

Some of the stories in this collection pit a single monster against another, while others are all-out gang warfare. Some are campy, some serious, but all a fight for the ages!

It’s time to get your game face on for twelve tales worthy of the title Monster Brawl!

**No monsters were hurt in the writing of these stories**

*This book is a collection of similarly themed yet varying fictitious short stories from multiple authors.

Market Forces — Ben Howels

The Imp, the Gadfly, and the Hourglass — Joshua Skye

The Matriarch — Mya Lairis

Monster Milk — Hunter Shea

To Fight By the Light of the Silvery Moon — Scott Harper

Vices — Sergio Pereira

Altered Beasts — Jennifer L. Barnes

Save It for the Cameras — T.R. North

Whoever Fights Monsters… — Patrick Loveland

Below the Surface — Chad A. Clark

The Rift Ripper — Kevin Holton

Kingdom of the Spiders — Paul M. Feeney

Monster Brawl! is available on:

Amazon: US | UK | Australia | Canada | Germany | Italy | France | Spain | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India | The Netherlands

CreateSpace (Print)


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  3. Reblogged this on patrick loveland and commented:
    So happy to be a part of this TOC with my story, “Whoever Fights Monsters…” ^_^

  4. […] Source: RELEASE: Monster Brawl! | #Horror #Anthology […]

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