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RELEASED FROM PHRENIC PRESS: Two New Titles | #Horror #IntelligentFiction

Phrenic Press, an imprint of Sirens Call Publications, is pleased to announce the release of two new titles!

Bodies Su Haddrell

Bodies_SuHaddrell_Cover.pngAt the height of the Blitz during WWII in Britain, the Germans bombard their targets day after day, night after night. While the devastation from the air raids is widespread, the death toll doesn’t climb; the Wardens haven’t found a body in days. But people are still going missing.

Two young lads, flush on the adventure of war, scamper through the rubble in search of treasure and other spoils. They thrive on the peril; find fascination with the dangerous and grotesque. When they stumble across a prize that might be their best yet, they soon discover there are horrors beneath the city…

Something far more terrifying than the Jerrys flying overhead.

Press Release for Bodies


Found FootageGlynn Owen Barrass

GlynnOwenBarrass_FoundFootage_Cover.pngA canister of 16mm film, a mental hospital, and a deformed mute patient known only as John Doe; what’s the connection? It’s Cassie’s job to find out.

Private Investigator Cassandra Bane has dealt with a multitude of weird and dangerous cases throughout her career, but this one may top them all. Having accepted the assignment from an enigmatic and beautiful client, Miss Combs, Cassie has no idea what she’s gotten herself into. This case isn’t like the others, this case has the potential to rip apart her world – our world – with unimaginable horrors.

Some things are better left unknown as Cassandra is about to discover in Found Footage!

Press Release for Found Footage

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