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TWISTED YARNS with Bob Macumber

Dumpster Baby Blues Inspiration

Bob Macumber

The inspiration for Dumpster Baby Blues came a few weeks after I found out my wife was pregnant with our daughter. We were university students living pay check to pay check in a cramped one bedroom apartment. Although I was excited to be a father, an endless procession of fears and anxieties burrowed through my mind. I felt an emotional shift, suddenly observing the world from a new point of view, noticing things I had overlooked before.

One afternoon I was walking home and took a short cut down a back alley. A large, rusted dumpster caught my attention and that’s when a sickening question entered my head: how could someone leave a child in one of these things? We’ve all read about babies found in dumpsters, thrown away by uncaring parents, but this disgusting act hit much closer to home now that I was about to be a father myself. That’s when the idea of finding an abandoned baby began to take shape. What if the baby was different? What if the baby was abandoned for a reason? I immediately hurried inside and began to write.

The prenatal classes and endless amounts of pamphlets really helped me round out the plot, but it was a health scare that really kindled the story’s fire. I accompanied my wife to every doctor’s appointment I could, listened to the baby’s heartbeat and watched her fidget in black and white on a 2D screen. Everything was going smoothly, until a routine test raised a red flag. We were sent to Winnipeg for an ultrasound to determine if our baby had Spina Bifida.

Those were some of the worst minutes of my life, watching the doctor search our unborn child to make sure her spine had fused properly. When the test came back negative, it literally felt like the weight of the world rolled off our shoulders.

I wanted to give the baby the ability to change her circumstance, to give power to the powerless while keeping the macabre elements I’m drawn to. The umbilical cord caught my attention because of its physiology: two arteries and a vein covered in jelly feeding a gestating fetus just screams horror fiction. The umbilical cord becomes a primal tool for survival, a means to nourish and destroy. I decided the baby should be hematophagous (a bloodsucker) because I researched and discovered some species of butterfly that feed on mammalian blood. So, even the most gorgeous creatures can have an unsavory side. The baby had to maintain some innocence, yet be able to assert her dominant nature.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Bob Macumber was born in a small town and learned to live in a small town, then moved to a city. He writes from a rickety wooden desk somewhere in central Canada (spoiler alert: Brandon, Manitoba). He has a love affair with the macabre and writes horror fiction in the spaces between family life and competing in Mixed Martial Arts. He’s currently working on a perpetual motion machine and his first novel.


Twisted_Yarns_FrontCover_PromosizeTwisted Yarns is a collection of eleven depraved stories that will warp your mind and spark your curiosity for tales best muttered in hushed tones and dark corners.

Imagine finding a baby in a dumpster; how far would you go to protect it? Picture yourself trapped in a maze with a monstrous creature that wants nothing more than to spill your blood while others bet on the outcome of your life; would you run to survive? Do you think you could – run or survive? Perhaps you’re clinging to a lost love so strongly that your rational mind doesn’t realize how strongly it’s clinging to you; is it bliss or torture? Come to think of it, is it safe to accept that tasty sample the kindly gentleman who works at the grocery story is offering you? It couldn’t be anything but harmless, could it?

If you prefer your horror twisted with a bit of grit sprinkled on top for flavor, this is the perfect anthology for you!


Blood Oranges — R.k. Kombrinck

Polandrio — Trevor Firetog

Kin — Elizabeth Allen

Dumpster Baby Blues — Bob Macumber

Dead World Protocol — Glynn Owen Barrass

The Road Less Taken — J.T. Seate

Countdown — Danielle Allen

A Walk in Moonlight — Sharon L. Higa

David — John Mc Caffrey

Geo — Micheal Lizarraga

The Garden of Love — Kevin Holton


Twisted Yarns is available on:

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