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TWISTED YARNS with Kevin Holton

From Loving Seeds

Kevin Holton

Writers are often asked, “Where do your ideas come from?” In this case, my answer is simple: my mom.

Skipping past all the ‘my mom thinks I’m cool’ jokes (fun fact: she does), she’s always loved her gardens. Though she tends to fill more of a traditional father’s role—tearing down laths from the ceiling, putting up sheetrock, building fences, grilling all the time—she’s always loved gardening, and takes time off work every spring to seed all sorts of carefully arranged plants. I really should know what kinds of things she grows, given that I’m often the one doing the shoveling, fertilizing, and whatnot, but I digress.

The origin of this story is far simpler than having grown up watching her out in the dirt. One day, I was bored and standing around in the kitchen, so I said to her, “I’m looking to write a new short story, but don’t know what. Give me an idea, a word, something, I don’t know. I’ll write on that. Whatever you decide.”

Mom looked pensive for a second, then said, “A woman in her garden—”

The idea came to me in one image, which I won’t go into here because it would spoil the ending of the story, but I could see the scene, knew the protagonist, smelled the flowers, felt the loss underlying the events, and I might’ve needed a beginning, but I knew how the story would end.

“—and she—” Mom was still talking.

“That’s alright,” I said, cutting her off. “I’ve got it.”


“I know how it’s going to play out. I’m going to go work on it now,” I grinned.

She rolled her eyes and, of course, went out to garden. It was mid-summer, after all, so no one was surprised to find me at the computer. I like the outdoors, mind you, I just need a reason to be outside, like lawn work, camping, or exercise. Otherwise, I just get bored.

I suppose it all boils down to love. Just as love factors heavily into this story, it plays a major part in how it was written. Mom has spent hours, if not days at a time, outside, digging around, throwing out her back, and getting sunburned to make sure her gardens thrive. Her love for her plants is nothing if not inspiring. In this case, her passion just so happened to inspire an obsession.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Kevin Holton is the author of more than twenty poems and thirty short stories. His work has been featured in numerous anthologies as well as Pleiades, RiverSedge, and The Literary Hatchet. He is a member of the Horror Writer’s Association and Mensa. When not writing short fiction, he can be found working on essays or novel-length prose.

Twitter: @kevinjlholton

Website: www.kevinholton.com


Twisted_Yarns_FrontCover_PromosizeTwisted Yarns is a collection of eleven depraved stories that will warp your mind and spark your curiosity for tales best muttered in hushed tones and dark corners.

Imagine finding a baby in a dumpster; how far would you go to protect it? Picture yourself trapped in a maze with a monstrous creature that wants nothing more than to spill your blood while others bet on the outcome of your life; would you run to survive? Do you think you could – run or survive? Perhaps you’re clinging to a lost love so strongly that your rational mind doesn’t realize how strongly it’s clinging to you; is it bliss or torture? Come to think of it, is it safe to accept that tasty sample the kindly gentleman who works at the grocery story is offering you? It couldn’t be anything but harmless, could it?

If you prefer your horror twisted with a bit of grit sprinkled on top for flavor, this is the perfect anthology for you!


Blood Oranges — R.k. Kombrinck

Polandrio — Trevor Firetog

Kin — Elizabeth Allen

Dumpster Baby Blues — Bob Macumber

Dead World Protocol — Glynn Owen Barrass

The Road Less Taken — J.T. Seate

Countdown — Danielle Allen

A Walk in Moonlight — Sharon L. Higa

David — John Mc Caffrey

Geo — Micheal Lizarraga

The Garden of Love — Kevin Holton


Twisted Yarns is available on:

Amazon: US | UK | Australia | Canada | Germany | Italy | France | Spain | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India | The Netherlands

CreateSpace (Print)


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