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ODD AND BIZARRE with Georgina Morales

Behind The Process

Georgina Morales

Writers come in all shapes and forms, our backgrounds and interests as varied as book genres. The questions we get asked the most, however, are basically the same: Why did we choose to write in a certain genre, and where do we get our ideas?

Answering these can be difficult, especially for horror writers. In my case, I always tell people how I spent my late formative days (and nights) in hospitals, working on my medical degree and experiencing all kinds of horrors—both with human and inhuman protagonists. Then I add that for the longest time I actually wanted to work in the forensic field and explain how I ended up with a major in Experimental Pathology. Suddenly, a cloud lifts from their eyes: They understand. Their following statement is usually, “But you look so normal!”

It’s been ten years since I left the hospital life behind, and though I don’t regret it, sometimes I really miss it. The Process is the result of one of those longing periods. Back in the 80s, an exposition like no other showed the general public what anatomy museums in universities had showed medical students for generations. Except this was a really cool museum. The man behind it, Gunther Von Hagen, had created a process by which human corpses retained a life-like appearance. Muscles, tissues, and organs could be studied in detail because plastination arrested decomposition without swelling or altering the cells. His genius, however, came in the idea that a museum crammed full of actual human corpses would attract people outside of Med School.

The Human Body Exposition became an instant success across the world.

Three years ago when the exposition came to Montreal, my family decided to treat ourselves to a visit for Mother’s day. I had a blast, (I bet that surprised you), but not only that, my kids—then 6 and 7—LOVED IT. At the time, they were also completely obsessed with the movie A Night at the Museum, which they watched pretty much non-stop. Leave it to a horror writer to make a connection between those two ideas…

The story took about a year and a half of writing, re-writing, and re-re-writing to get to the point where I actually liked it. It then took the better part of two years for The Process to find a home, being its quirky, morbid little self. I, however, can’t think of a better place for it than among the pages of this anthology.

Horror: Odd and Bizarre. Has there ever been a better home for a museum of magically animated corpses?


ABOUT THE AUTHOR — Georgina Morales writes horror, mystery, and everything else that might give you nightmares. 2011 saw the debut of her first novel “Perpetual Night”. Her short stories have appeared in magazines and anthologies such as Dark Moon Digest, Padwolf Publishing, and Gothic Blue Book. She lives in New England along with her husband, two daughters, their beagle, and their old, grumpy cat.

Twitter: @GinaAuthor

Facebook: Georgina Morales


HorrorOddAndBizarre_FrontCover_promosizeTake two steps to the left of normal and you’ll find the type of stories offered in Horror: Odd and Bizarre. Consider them the red-headed step children of the genre…

From a museum process that not only preserves the dead but brings them back to life to a phone that warns you of the impending apocalypse, each tale hits on a different level of the bizarre. Maybe a killer clown epidemic that preys on everything you hold dear, or a painting that subtly changes to spell out your doom, piques your odd meter instead—don’t worry, they’re in there too.

If you like horror with a unique spin, a bizarre thread that straddles the line, or a tale that just a little off, you’ll definitely enjoy each odd morsel and bizarre bite contained within!


Phantom Pain — Kayce Bennett

All Aboard — C.R. Langille

Self Portrait — Ben Pienaar

The Process — Georgina Morales

A Man Called Cup — Jason A. Wyckoff

Fingers — Maynard Blackoak

A Clown of Thorns — Ken MacGregor

Into The Dream Never — S.E. Foley

Hi — Calypso Kane

Beep — Kristal Stittle

A Clown and a Dragon Walk Into a Bar — Rob E. Boley

Ivy’s First Kiss — Matthew R. Davis


Horror: Odd and Bizarre can be found online at:

Amazon: US | UK | Australia | Canada | Germany | Italy | France | Spain | Japan | Mexico | Brazil | India | The Netherlands

CreateSpace (Print)


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