Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco #BlogTour

Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco Blog Tour


November 29th to December 5th


Christy Herself! — Christy Wilson

The Page Unbound – Becca, Keri, April, and Haley

Spreading the Writers Word – Nina D’Arcangela


The Sirens Song — SCP


Laurie’s Thoughts and Reviews – Laurie Jenkins

The Road to Nowhere – Nina D’Arcangela


The FlipSide of Julianne – Julianne Snow


ArmandRosamilia.com – Armand Rosamilia


Shah Wharton WordsinSync – Shah Wharton

Paulette’s Papers – Dani Chapman


Fiona’s Book Reviews – Fiona Wilson

The Sirens Song — SCP

2 comments on “Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco #BlogTour

  1. […] Source: Dragon Born by Ela Lourenco #BlogTour […]

  2. A big thank you to all the lovely ladies at Sirenscall Publications for hosting Dragon Born (as well as publishing it!!). I hope everyone enjoys the book. If you like fantasy adventure, magical mysteries and prophecies this is the book for you!!

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