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BLOG TOUR: One Bad Fur Day #Inspiration | A Guest Post by @ktrapjones #Horror

One Bad Fur Day Inspiration

K. Trap Jones

Inspiration for One Bad Fur Day came directly from my three sons and the ton of movies and cartoons I watched with them. During one of these movies, I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be great if one of these were geared towards adults?” An animated adult movie based on animals? Sounded great to me, but the idea was held in the mental vault for quite some time because I just couldn’t start writing about animals. It would’ve been a mess if I did. I needed a major plot, to draw in an element of nature and most importantly research the different species of animals. At first, the hardest idea to come up with was the location. I needed an environment with multiple species and sporadic terrain. I was watching a documentary on the Louisiana bayous regarding the dangers and ever changing landscape and I was hooked. I had the backdrop of the novel down, so I shifted to the animal population. I wrote down every species of animal which inhabits the bayous and associated them with their predators. Before I knew it, I was building a framework for the story. Still, I needed to bring in Mother Nature somehow. It all came together when Hurricane Katrina was brought into the picture. The devastation of the land was well documented. More importantly, the flooding. As soon as I studied how much of the land was flooded, I immediately imagined alligators scouring the water with the ability to travel further than they ever could. All of the bayous, rivers, creeks; everything was connected. From there the plot got really interesting.

I sorted the animal species into two categories: good guys and bad guys. I researched every single one. If they were to be included in the story, I needed to know their mannerisms, likes, dislikes, enemies, and allies. A mind map was created, interlocking the characters.

Through the eyes of Sid the Sheriff, the reader interacts with many animals/characters in order to find clues to the whereabouts of his missing wife, Sally. Each one had to be unique and stay true to their fellow real life counterpart. With the research, I was able to create insane personalities which fed off of real life characteristics. Like I mentioned earlier, the concept of the story came from watching animated movies, so that idealism led into characters with over-the-top mannerisms, inflated egos and memorable personalities.

And now for some information about One Bad Fur Day…

KTrapJones_OneBadFurDay_FrontCoverCall it odd, call it off-beat, call it fantasy; but don’t think for a moment that One Bad Fur Day is anything other than a suspense driven horror ride that blurs the lines between harsh reality and brutal imagery…

As Hurricane Katrina barrels through the Louisiana bayous, the animal population is forced to deal with the tumultuous upheaval of their world. Sheriff Sid and his wife are caught completely off-guard by the natural disaster unfolding around them as they battle not only the turbulent winds and flooding waters, but heinous acts committed by other creatures inhabiting the backwaters. Following a brutal assault on his wife, Sid is forced to fight off voodoo-priestess snakes, a junkyard raccoon, deceitful badgers, and a band of roving power-hungry alligators. While clinging to his tenuous hold as sheriff, Sid must find a way to recapture what is rightfully his and exact his revenge

K. Trap Jones does a fantastic job of pairing the genuine horror of a natural disaster with a story of deceit, betrayal and vengeance that pulls you in and forces the reader to identify with Sid as he journeys through the darkest reaches of the bayous, facing deadly encounters, on One Bad Fur Day!

One Bad Fur Day is available at:

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bio_photoABOUT THE AUTHOR – K. Trap Jones is an author of horror novels and over 50 short stories. With inspiration from Dante Alighieri and Edgar Allan Poe, he has a temptation towards narrative folklore, classic literary works and obscure segments within society.

His novel THE SINNER (Blood Bound Books) won the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Award. His splatterpunk novella, THE DRUNKEN EXORCIST has been released by Necro Publications. His narrative horror short story collection, THE CROSSROADS is available from Hazardous Press.

He is also a member of the Horror Writer’s Association and can be found lurking around Tampa, Florida.


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