OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call – Issue #21 – ‘Eco-Horror’

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the open call for our 21st issue of The Sirens Call!

Humans, we think we rule this planet and can do whatever we please to it, but what if we can’t – not really. What happens if the environment decides to fight back? Does the pretty little daisy start letting off deadly spores? Did you tangle your foot in that vine, or did it reach out and grab your ankle? And what about the birds and the bees; who’s schooling who when it comes to our little flying friends?

For this issue of The Sirens Call eZine, we’re looking for stories of nature gone bad! No inter-planetary pests or plants please. Let’s keep it terra firma, or at least base the genesis on the big blue marble (that would be Earth). It can walk, talk, crawl, swim, fly, climb, skitter, scramble, buzz, bite, sting, hiss, bark…wherever your imagination takes you. Just keep it horror oriented, keep it Eco-based and not so friendly, and give it a little snap – happy endings are getting kicked to the curb in this one, no matter how clever you write it!

If Mother Nature was coming to kick your ass, who would she bring as back-up???

As usual, there will be no stories including pedophilia, bestiality, or descriptive rape scenes considered for inclusion.


Submission Deadline: June 1, 2015

Short story word count: 1,000 – 2,500

Flash fiction word count: 300 – 1,000

Poem length: minimum 10 lines; maximum 50 lines (with a limit of five poems per author)

Drabbles: 100 words (requirement of three acceptable drabbles per author/limit of five submitted)

Reprints are acceptable as long as you currently hold the copyright.

All submissions MUST be submitted to: Submissions@SirensCallPublications.com

Please visit our website for full guidelineswww.SirensCallPublications.com

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