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RELEASE: In the Blink of a Wicked Eye by Timothy C. Hobbs

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of Timothy C. Hobbs’ collection:

In the Blink of a Wicked Eye

InTheBlinkOfAWickedEye_TimothyCHobbs_front_coverThe short stories and flash fiction pieces offered in this unique collection, In the Blink of a Wicked Eye, tell tales of dark humor, horror, and melancholy.

In Fat, an overweight teenage boy will go to any length to lose weight for a cheerleader who is the apple-of-his-eye no matter how dangerous the consequences. Emissaries transports the reader to a far away planet whose inhabitants possess no souls and must harvest the lost and wandering spirits of others that pass by their corner of the universe. A woman discovers more than she would have hoped with a disfigured man in Constant Companion. The brutal post-nuclear world of desolate wandering survivors in Dissolution shows that even desperation for existence can have its moments of compassion amongst the horror of day-to-day existence.

Take a pinch of terror, a dash of dread, and a spoonful of horror; mix them all together, and you’ll cook up a feast of dark fiction that is certain to bring shudders, contemplation, a bit of laughter, and a taste of the macabre to all who dare sample them In the Blink of a Wicked Eye.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Timothy C. Hobbs is a retired medical technologist living in Robinson, Texas. He has had short stories and poems published in New Texas, an annual literary collection of Texas writers, a short story and flash fiction piece in Dark Tales, a U.K. publication, and a short story in spinetinglermag.com, an on-line Canadian magazine. His story Moon in Submergence was published in the 2013 Sirens Call Publications anthology FEAR: Of the Water. A flash fiction piece, Luna, is scheduled for publication in the spring 2014 edition of the Deep Water Literary Journal. His short story collection, Mothertrucker and Other Stories and a novel Veils were published through Publish America in 2008. His novels The Pumpkin Seed and Music Box Sonata, and a novella The Smell of Ginger, were published by Vamplit Publishing in the United Kingdom and recently republished by Visionary Press Collaborative. Netherworld Books in the United Kingdom published his novel Maiden Fair in 2013. His new novel Down in the Hollow There will be published in 2015 by Visionary Press Collaborative. Mr. Hobbs’ author page can be viewed at Amazon.com.

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