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WiHM 2014: Featuring the Ladies of The Sirens Call [Part Five]

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month, a movement that was founded to support and assist female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure and networking. In honour of the event, Sirens Call Publications devotes its February issue of The Sirens Call to supporting the cause and featuring the excellent talent displayed by ladies writing horror.


First up today we have Laura Ring, whose tale ‘No One Blamed the Dog’ is on 52…

“It was the surprise hit of Christmas – the Magnetic Decision Maker, or MDM, discovered by the older boy in his Christmas stocking.  It had a round tin base like the lid of a jar, with ‘decisions’ stenciled around the edge (Yes, No, Definitely, No Way, Maybe, Ask a Friend).  An adjustable chrome arm stretched over the base, from which was suspended a heavy metal ball on a wire.  The idea was to ask a question, and give the ball a push, which would set it circling madly, with wild jerks and corrections, before settling on one of the answers.

With his typical whimsy, the older boy declared that all decisions over the holidays were to be made exclusively by the Magnetic Decision Maker.  Mother, Father, and younger brother laughed, and agreed…”

05_LauraRingABOUT THE AUTHOR – Laura Ring is a native Vermonter with vagabond tendencies, currently living and working in Chicago.  She has been scaring herself silly since early childhood, helped along by her seven older siblings and some wonderfully twisted friends.  She writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction.


‘The Seduction’ by Roh Morgon begins on page 54…

“She spotted it from clear across the parking lot. Low, shiny, black. It beckoned her.

Come to me.

Captivated, she walked closer, admiring its sleek lines, its wedge-like shape. She stopped next to it, her breath indrawn. Her eyes traveled slowly along every curve and angle, finding no flaw.

I am yours, it whispered.

She walked around the back of the steel beast, admiring the wide flair of fender beneath the sloping rear window. The taillights formed graceful arcs, red bracketed in chrome, like two crimson eyes, and she nodded.

I am yours…”

05_RohMorgonABOUT THE AUTHOR – Roh Morgon dreams up her dark tales while driving the back roads of California’s Sierra Nevada foothills. She’s best known for her vampire series which includes Watcher: Book I of The Chosen, the 1840s historical horror novella The Last Trace, and “The Games Monsters Play” from High Stakes: A Vampire Anthology. Her next novel, Runner: Book II of The Chosen, will be released in 2014.

Twitter: @rohmorgon
Website: http://www.rohmorgon.com


K.Z. Morano’s short ‘The Other Child’ graces the eZine starting on page 58…

“My name is Lila. Not that I expect anyone to recognize my name. I am after all, just the ‘other child’. But I do have a story to tell. And though it may not seem as magical as the candy-colored versions they tell about my brother and sister, it is nonetheless the truth.

I was ten when Hans and Greta came into our lives. They were no more than suckling infants, children of Mr. Higgs whose wife had died of childbirth. I pitied the woman; the babies’—if you could call them that—enormous heads must’ve ripped her apart. Her single reprieve was that she did not live long enough to see what they looked like.

Ugly creatures they were, with limbs gnarled like the branches of an ancient tree and pink eyes that poked out from their massive skulls. Shameful scandals of nature. To have brought them into this world was a sin in itself…”

05_KZMoranoABOUT THE AUTHOR – K.Z. Morano is a writer, a beach bum, and a chocolate addict. She writes anything from romance and erotica to horror and dark fantasy. Her stories have been published by JWK Fiction, Popcorn Horror, KUF and Blood Reign. Several of her stories will also be appearing in various forthcoming anthologies, magazine issues and online venues. She is currently working on her first short story collection.

Twitter: @kzmorano
Blog: http://theeclecticeccentricshopaholic.wordpress.com


If you like what you’ve read so far, why not download the issue for FREE? There are other wonderful pieces of fiction and poetry waiting for you!

The Sirens Call – Issue #13 – Women in Horror (Second Annual Issue)



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