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WiHM 2014: Featuring the Ladies of The Sirens Call Issue #13 [Part Four]

February is Women in Horror Recognition Month, a movement that was founded to support and assist female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure and networking. In honour of the event, Sirens Call Publications devotes its February issue of The Sirens Call to supporting the cause and featuring the excellent talent displayed by ladies writing horror.


First up today is Marija Electra Rodriguez, whose story ‘The Lady in Mourning’ begins on page 41…

“Journal of Dr. Lorenzo Lombardi, M.D., Ph.D., Psy.D.

During the night of the first of July, Violetta Mendez went into the basement of her house, loaded a revolver, placed it in her mouth, and shot herself.

Her neighbors didn’t discover her body for six weeks. One of them remarked that she might have rotted for longer, but the electricity to her home had been suspended and the smell of decomposition grew too severe to ignore.

The police discovered hundreds of bottles of wine scattered throughout her home. In her basement, along with her putrefied body, were three freezers, each filled with human remains. Dismembered body parts. The coroner couldn’t determine the weapon used in the murders, only that the limbs had been torn from the torsos.

And I cannot help but feel responsible for her actions…”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Marija grew up in a delicatessen, with a multiethnic family, where pickling cabbage and knife throwing were taught at an early age. She would scribble stories on butcher’s paper which would then be passed on to unsuspecting customers when they received their groceries.

She lives in Sydney with her husband (el carnicero), her daughter, and a bunch of pirate pets.

Website: www.marijaelektrarodriguez.com


Next up we have Julianne Snow’s ‘The Game’ starting on page 45…

“Betty raised her arm, brightly coloured ball in hand and hurled it at the stack of cans on the pedestal.

She missed.

“Fuck!” All heads turned in her direction, but Betty didn’t care. She’d been trying to win a silly purple stuffed monkey since earlier in the day. Handing over another wad of cash, she collected her balls from the gap-toothed carney who ran the game.

“Look lady, if you want to keep wasting your money, I’ll keep taking it from you.”

Betty continued to toss the balls at the stack, each time missing the mark. Her exasperation began to show in the way she tossed her hair over her shoulder and the huffing breaths she took every time she missed.

“I’ve got a game you can’t lose at. Do you wanna try that one instead?” The voice was accompanied by a dingy white gloved hand on her shoulder…”

Julianne SnowABOUT THE AUTHOR – Julianne Snow is the author of the Days with the Undead series and the founder of Zombieholics Anonymous. She writes within the realms of speculative fiction, has roots that go deep into horror and is a member of the Horror Writers Association. She is the Publicist and a co-owner of Sirens Call Publications.

Twitter: @CdnZmbiRytr
Blog: Days with the Undead


And C L Raven rounds out this grouping with her story ‘A Mermaid’s Kiss’ which starts on page 47…

“The sea pounced on Romy’s bare toes then withdrew, tempting her into its sandy bed. She chased it then ran backwards, the tide pursuing her. It retreated, stealing her footprints, like she was a ghost in her own life.

Misshapen rocks skulked in the shadows, their rough edges the claws and teeth of sleeping trolls, waiting for the curse to break so they could feast on human bones.

“What if the sea was a reflection of the world how it was, the past intact beneath the waves?”

“See?” Donovan said. “A moonlit walk on the beach isn’t horrific.”

“It’s a romantic cliché. Next you’ll scatter rose petals on my bed or surprise me with a candlelit dinner.”

“What would remove the cliché, oh cynical one?”

04_CLRavenABOUT THE AUTHORS – C L Raven are identical twins from Cardiff, Wales, who have published 6 short story collections and a novel. When they’re not looking after their animal army, they’re exploring castles, ghost hunting in spooky locations and drinking more Red Bull than the recommended guidelines. Along with Ryan and Neen, they have a ghost hunting show on YouTube – Calamityville Horror though never see any ghosts.

Twitter: @clraven
Blog: http://clraven.wordpress.com


If you like what you’ve read so far, why not download the issue for FREE? There are other wonderful pieces of fiction and poetry waiting for you!

The Sirens Call – Issue #13 – Women in Horror (Second Annual Issue)



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