OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call Issue #12 – Dead & Dying

Submissions are open for issue #12 of The Sirens Call – but there’s a caveat!

You have to write about your own death. Those are the only stories we will consider for this issue!

From the moment you breathe your first breath, your body begins its journey toward death. In this issue, we want you to step outside your comfort zone and tell us about your own demise.

Does your greatest fear drag you to the grave, or will another evil steal your soul when perhaps you’re feeling brave?

Let your imagination be your guide, and lead you to the other side. Should the reaper read your words and decide to change your fate, we’ll not be held responsible for the changes that you make!

Remember, if you don’t write about your own death, your piece will not be considered!

DEADLINE: December 5, 2013! Full guidelines can be found on our website.


5 comments on “OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call Issue #12 – Dead & Dying

  1. Do you consider reprints? I wrote a pretty interesting “own death” story a few years ago that was published in an online zine. Not sure if I want to revisit the premise for another story….

  2. Whoa…now that’s a mind trip. 🙂

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