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OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call Issue #11 – Revenge!

Sirens Call Publications is now accepting submissions for our 11th issue of The Sirens Call – a FREE literary eZine!

This issue’s theme is Revenge!

Have you ever wanted to get back at someone for something? Here’s your chance. Immortalize them and their wrong doings with words…

Remember that 7th grade teacher who failed you because she was having a bad-hair semester? Or how about that low-life grub who stole the promotion you worked so hard for because he was willing to brown-nose and you weren’t?? Or worst of all, that reviewer who read your story and gave it a one star review because your MC was named Martha, and that’s their mother-in-law’s name???

Yeah, we understand how it went down. All those wrongs perpetrated against you were no fault of your own… And they deserve to be righted! Or written! Do it with class, style, and an air of arrogance that would make a peacock blush.

Have at ’em folks!

Reading Period: September 1st to September 30th, 2013

Please see the full guidelines on our website at www.SirensCallPublications.com.

And as always, a limited number of Full Page Ads will be available so get in touch with Julianne(at)SirensCallPublications(dot)com if you’re interested in hearing more information including our rates.


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