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Re-Opened Submission – FEAR: Of the Dark

We are reopening submissions for FEAR: Of the Dark. Some of you might wonder why – the truth of the matter is that while we got a number of fantastic stories, very few of them fit the call. Or what we were imagining for the anthology.

The great news is that we saw a thread of psychological fear running through quite a few of the stories that we decided to release another anthology – look for more information on ‘Voices from the Gloom‘ coming soon!

So this time we want you to make us really feel the fear!

This is a Horror Anthology.

There is always something to be afraid of in the dark; just the dark itself can be terrifying.

For this collection of tales, we want stories that will inspire fear of the dark. Stories with ratcheting tension, building anxiety, and enough bite to make the reader not only flip page after page with increasing trepidation, but glance over their shoulder as they are doing it!

What lurks in the darkness that is so horrific? Grab this one by the throat and wring the crap out of it until you feel real fear. Nothing else will suffice.

We are not looking for psychological trauma tales for this collection. Repressed memories do not serve as ‘things’ to fear for this anthology.

This anthology will be open until it’s full – more details at www.SirensCallPublications.com.

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