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Open Submission: FEAR: Of the Water

Not afraid of the water, are you? Maybe you haven’t thought about what might be down there… Write us something original; tell us what is so terrifying about two Hydrogen atoms bonded to one Oxygen atom forming a single molecule. Should we be afraid of the water itself, or what it might be hiding below its surface? Shallow murky depths, clear hot springs that are deceptively deep, or underground caverns holding secrets yet to be discovered.

Think about it. Don’t just spin an average yarn – we want the reader to wonder if the next time they dip their toes into the water, it be their last.

The series is called FEAR, that should fairly well define the parameters, and remember – we publish fictional tales, not scientific journals.

Submission Period:  April 1st to May 20, 2013

Complete guidelines can be found here.

One comment on “Open Submission: FEAR: Of the Water

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    It’s not safe to go in the water…

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