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Open Submission for Pink Pepper Press

For those of you that may not have heard quite yet, Sirens Call Publications has developed a new imprint called Pink Pepper Press. It’s the home for all of the romance and erotica that just doesn’t fit under the Sirens Call Publications banner. In fact, we have two books releasing next month: The Falcon’s Chase by Kate Monroe and The Angels of Autumn by Joshua Skye.

There’s also an open anthology that we wanted to share with you:

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

The age old question: Does he really love me, how will I know?

We’d like a collection of stories that come down on both sides of the fence – some yes’s, some no’s. How does a girl know when she’s being taken for a ride, or maybe just having the ride of her life? Either way, remember to keep it nice and steamy without being crass or relying on excessively overt descriptions to carry the piece. We like a little meat in our Romance/Erotica!

What we will not accept are stories of violent rape, incest, or pieces involving characters below the age of consent (18 years old).

The deadline for submissions is October 15th, 2012 and you can find all of the guidelines on the website.

If you would be so kind as to share it around any circles that may be interested, that would be great! Heck, we’d love to receive stories from you as well, so if you have one in you that fits the theme, you still have lots of time.

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