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Open Submission: Bop ‘Til You Drop!

Bop ‘Til You Drop: A Collection of Haunted Tales

Spectral mists or ectoplasmic goo – what does a haunting mean to you?

Weave tales of cursed objects or ghostly frights that strike a chord of fear into the readers bones. Horror should make itself at home within these stories – we want only those that would scare the fear seeker in all of us.

We want your finest narratives of hauntings but with one simple twist…

They have to take place in the 1950s. No exceptions!

Deadline for Submissions: August 20, 2012

Please visit www.SirensCallPublications.com for submission details!

Word count minimum: 4000 words – nothing less will be considered.

Speak your peace, friend...

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