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Now I Lay Me Down To Reap: Just Over One Day Left!!

Yes, you’ve heard correctly; submissions for our anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap are closing in just over 24 hours!! If you’re working hard on a story, no need to worry, you’ve still got a little time – but not much!

Need a little inspiration to help complete your piece?

The eighth commandment; thou shalt not steal.
But everyone covets something that isn’t theirs…

We want twisted tales where the protagonist is either the perpetrator or the victim of a reaping. Either way, something vital must be stolen – Organs for the black market? Will be they be tricked out of their fortune? Or their soul? If the seeds of a story have been planted in the darkest recesses of your mind, then it’s time to reap what was sown and deliver to us the cruelest stories of loss and thievery that you can possibly imagine.

In this anthology, there will be no happy endings…

Please read our guidelines before submitting here.

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