Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round-Up #2

Have you been following Julianne on her Days with the Undead: Book One tour?

If not, you’re missed quite a lot of interesting guest posts and interviews!

Don’t worry though, we’ll help you get caught up!

March 16Jason McKinney

Survival Strategy According to Julianne Snow, Zombie Killer (guest post) –

Thank you for joining me today as we will be talking about strategies to help you survive during a Zombie Apocalypse. What I have to offer is simple and is not going to include telling you to pack a bug out bag. That’s common sense and while important, it’s just not part of the scope of this session.

There are six main strategies and they are all important. As we have no idea when the proverbial sh*t is going to hit the fan, shall we get started?

Interested in reading more Survival Strategy According to Julianne Snow, Zombie Killer, you can find it here.

March 17Zane Bradey

The Hallmarks of a Credible Zombie: A Purist’s Perspective (guest post) –

Credibility. That is an important word. There are a multitude of Zombie archetypes out there at the moment, and who is to say what is credible or not? While I write, I am a purist and that’s something I cannot hide. Please note the title again – everything that I plan to include in here is going to be from that purist standpoint. While I can appreciate each of the different archetypes, they are outside of our scope today. One might wonder what the hallmarks of a credible Zombie may be. For the most part they fall into four related but unique categories. Let’s begin by discussing the first.

Want to read more of The hallmarks of a Credible Zombie: A Purist’s Perspective, you can find it here.

March 18 – Caityln Downs

An Interview

CD: First of all, congratulations on Days of the Undead. Your work has appeared in an anthology (Women of the Living Dead) before, but how does it compare to having your work stand alone?

JS: Thank you Caitlyn, I appreciate the kudos. I also appreciate your time in interviewing me. It’s definitely been a fun ride. As for the comparison between being part of an anthology and a having my own standalone book, there really is no difference. Knowing that people have the ability to read the words that I have so carefully crafted is invigorating. Being a published author is a heady mix of joy and excitement along with a little bit of doubt. My words are very special to me and I want people to enjoy the end result of my labors. I will say this however, getting an email that states that your work has been accepted for publication always slaps a big smile on my face.

Want to read the rest of Caitlyn’s interview with Julianne, you can find it here.

March 19Kate Monroe

Women in Horror (guest post) –

Is the average horror reader discriminatory?

Can female authors gain the same level of respect for their work as male authors?

They are both interesting questions; ones that I have wondered about since releasing my first horror/science fiction novel Days with the Undead: Book One.

Looking through history, the horror genre is one that has been dominated by men. I have to wonder if that is a product of how society has viewed women as the weaker, fairer sex. Women have been seen as needing protection and guidance from the men in their lives and in some cases weren’t allowed to vote or speak their minds publicly until the 19th and even the 20th centuries. Yet, despite all of these forms of societal censorship, women have managed to gain popularity in the circles of horror writers and horror readers.

Interested in reading the rest of Julianne’s thoughts on Women in Horror, can you find them here.

March 20William Butler

My Earliest Literary Horror Influences (guest post) –

I have been a fan of horror since the first moment that I can remember. Books, films – you name it and I will find a way to read it or watch it. I love the momentary feeling that being frightened creates within my body. Ruminating on this topic, I can’t help but remember back to those first books that helped to cement my love of the genre.

The first horror story that I ever read was The Mist by Stephen King. I was around eight years old at the time and I remember being scared by that ominous fog that rolled in. Sometime in the next few days, a layer of light fog rolled over the landscape outside of my window and I can remember the feeling of dread that overcame me. Luckily, it passed without incident.

Intrigued to find out more of what influenced Julianne at an early age, read more of her guest post, My Earliest Literary Horror Influences here.

March 21Kriss Morton

An Interview

Q: As with you, so many people are interested in Zombies these days why do you think that is?

JS: I think that Zombies represent society in a small way. They were once us and I know from my own standpoint that they are some of the scariest monsters out there. Why is that? It’s the reflection of ourselves that we see in their faces. Sure, they don’t remember what it is to be human but having once been so, it reminds us all that we are only one bite away from becoming the monster as well.

Want to read the rest of Kristine’s interview with Julianne, find it here.

March 22April Denton

What NOT To Do During the Zombie Apocalypse (guest post) –

Okay, you’ve made it. You’re still alive, at least for the moment. As you try to make your way through the newly undead landscape, what are the actions you should avoid? What activities are likely going to expedite your demise? There are six major things that I believe won’t help you at all. Just six and if you can avoid them, you may just have a chance of surviving.

Don’t Underestimate Your Foe: Zombies are going to come at you in any which way that they can. If you think that they are going to act exactly like what you see in the movies, you’re going to have a problem. They’re not going to behave in a scripted way, moving ever closer in a prolonged sequence. They are not going to wait until the precise moment for the money shot. Instead they are going to pursue you relentlessly and they will catch up if you’re not careful. You’re going to need to take your mind out of the movies and live in the moment. No rules and definitely no apologies.

If you would like to read the rest of What NOT To DO During the Zombie Apocalypse, you can check it out here.

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  1. […] Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round-Up #2 (sirenscallpublications.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round-Up #2 (sirenscallpublications.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round-Up #2 (sirenscallpublications.wordpress.com) […]

  4. […] Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round-Up #2 (sirenscallpublications.wordpress.com) […]

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