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Thank you!

Sirens Call Publications would like to thank all of the authors that submitted works for our anthology of childhood nightmares Under the Bed. We’re working diligently to read through everything and hope to have emails out to those authors that submitted within the next two weeks.

If you missed the boat on Under the Bed, we still have an open anthology – Twisted Realities: Of Myth and Monstrosity.

What if the worlds of horror and mythology collided; what skeletons might come tumbling out of that particular closet? Open up your mind to the possibilities of reimagined tales or the consequences of unleashing a mythological creature into today’s world. What would happen if Medusa were let loose in NYC? What would the world of mythology be like if Zeus had a penchant for torture and murder? Perhaps the Fey world holds you captivated; but you imagine the benign faerie folk to instead be frighteningly devious creatures that only exist in the darker, more sinister walks of life… Spin us a tale that will scare the reader but still maintain that magical twist from the stories of an age gone by.

Deadline for submissions is February 13, 2012. Check out the website for more details.

We are also always looking for submissions for our eZine The Sirens Call. If you’ve got a piece you’ve written but you cannot find that outlet for it, give us a try! The inaugural issue is due out mid-February. Make sure you look for it.


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