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An Introduction…

The Sirens Call Publications team is comprised of three like minded individuals who share a passion for brilliant literature in whatever form it takes. Our intent is to take hold of the publishing world by the horns, give it a good shake and ride it all the way to success – not only for ourselves, but for you, the author as well.

Kalla Monahan – Publicist
Kalla is the quiet one at SCP, but don’t let that fool you; get her started on one of our projects and she will passionately talk your ear off. As the publicist of SCP, it’s valuable to have someone that can both listen to the tides of the publishing world and sing your praises.

Her literary loves include horror, science fiction and the bizarre. While she does have a weak spot for a good Zombie storyline and will greedily devour anything in the genre, she does get titillated by works in any genre that are well crafted and full of great characters.

Twitter: @KallaMonahan
Email: Kalla@SirensCallPublications.com

Nina D’Arcangela – Social Media Coordinator
Our dark angel is Sirens Call’s resident Social Media anarchist. Don’t be surprised to find her lurking around in you favorite digital zone, or stalking your account on twitter. She’s mostly harmless – we promise.

Outside of her involvement with Sirens Call Publications, Nina is a freelance photographer with a passion for grave yards, abandoned places, and anything that’s been reclaimed by rust. She’s a writer, an avid reader, an occasional painter, a genuine science geek, and a self proclaimed fun, flirty, narcissistic little imp.

FB: Nina D’Arcangela
Twitter: @Sotet_Angyal
Email: Nina@SirensCallPublications.com
Email: darc.nina@gmail.com

Kate Monroe – Editor
Kate is a keen-eyed redhead with a fiery temperament to match and a penchant for all things red. An author in her own right, she’s the editor in the SCP family.

Bribes of red wine unfortunately cannot be accepted in a professional capacity, but making her smile with a sharp and witty piece of prose is a sure-fire way to win her favour. Kate’s favoured genres are classical horror and all things steampunk, but she’s open to anything that stimulates the imagination.

Twitter: @KatesQuill
Email: Kate@SirensCallPublications.com

Feel free to drop any of us a line, we’d love to hear from you!

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