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OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call Issue #14

Sirens Call Publications is now accepting submissions for the 14th issue of The Sirens Call… Old School Horror For this issue, we want horror. We don’t want murder mysteries, we don’t want cleverly couched tales of the supernatural, and we don’t want slasher/gore pieces. All we want is straight up horror. That’s all we’re looking […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call – Issue #13 – Women in Horror (Second Annual Edition)

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of the 13th issue of The Sirens Call celebrating women in horror and Women in Horror Recognition Month! Packed full with fiction, poetry and photography by Dark Angel Photography, the 168 page issue also features an interview with Angie Gallow, author of The Coven. If you’re […]

SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: The Sirens Call eZine #13 – Women in Horror

Submissions are now closed for our 13th issue of The Sirens Call eZine featuring Women in Horror. We’d like to thank all of the lovely ladies who submitted their work for us to read. We’ll be in touch soon with the rest of our choices. Thank you!

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call eZine – Issue #13 – Women in Horror (Second Annual Edition)!

Submissions are now open for the second annual Women in Horror Edition of The Sirens Call eZine! Hard to believe a year has gone by, but it has! It’s almost February again, which means ‘Women in Horror Recognition Month’ is almost here!!! The 13th issue of The Sirens Call eZine is all about celebrating women […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #12 – Dead and Dying

Just in time for Christmas we bring you stories of death! That’s right, this issue features the deaths of all of the authors who wrote for it! Just how did they ‘off’ themselves? We’ll you’ll have to pick up the issue yourself… It also features artwork by Karen Runge and an interview with Greg McCabe […]

OPEN SUBMISSION: The Sirens Call Issue #12 – Dead & Dying

Submissions are open for issue #12 of The Sirens Call – but there’s a caveat! You have to write about your own death. Those are the only stories we will consider for this issue! From the moment you breathe your first breath, your body begins its journey toward death. In this issue, we want you […]

NEW RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #10 – MONSTERS!

The tenth issue of The Sirens Call has been unleashed on the world. It’s fitting since this is the MONSTER issue! Featuring 80 pages of MONSTER Fiction! And FREE to download!! Short Stories, Flash , Poetry, Photos. An interview with Aiden Truss, author of Gape, and Pixie Spindel of Pixie Vision Photography.

Ad Opportunities Available: The Sirens Call – Issue #10

Limited Ad Space is available for the tenth issue of The Sirens Call. Full Page Ads are only $20 USD and don’t worry if you don’t have something ready, we can easily create something! The Sirens Call is FREE to download and it has a large following. Great opportunity for exposure! If you’re interested email Julianne […]

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call Issue #10 – Monsters

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Not even close… MONSTERS! That’s right; we want your best creature story. But no copyright infringement; make sure they are your own creations. Scare us! Freak us out! Make us wet our drawers! The theme for the August issue of The Sirens Call eZine is Monsters and fear! […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #09

The ninth issue of The Sirens Call has been released! And it’s a FREE PDF Download! 83 pages of fiction, poetry, and artistic works all honouring BUGS!! Plus an interview with Aspen deLainey, author of the upcoming novel Love ‘n Lies! Look for an excerpt of Love ‘n Lies as well!