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SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: Out of Phase: Tales of Sci-Fi Horror

Submissions are now closed for Sirens Call Publications’ forthcoming anthology Out of Phase: Tales of Sci-Fi Horror We’d like to thank all authors who contributed a story for consideration and ask for your patience while we read all of the stories submitted. If you have any questions concerning your submission, please email us at Mail@SirensCallPublications.com

OPEN SUBMISSION: Out of Phase: Tales of Sci-Fi Horror

Sirens Call Publications is now accepting submissions for: Out of Phase: Tales of Sci-Fi Horror Very simply, for this collection of short stories, we are looking for Science Fiction Horror. We don’t care if that means mutation, creation, invention, machinery gone awry, or space and or time travel. But it must be Science Fiction, and […]

An Interview with d.k.snape – Author of Kin Ship: Moustache on the Moon – Part One

Sirens Call Publications recently released d.k.snape’s debut Middle Grade novel – Kin Ship: Moustache on the Moon – Part One. As the first in a series, we decided to take the opportunity to sit down with d.k. and learn a little more about what makes her tick. Pleasant as always, she let us into her […]

Open Submission – Bellows of the Bone Box

Steampunk Horror at it’s finest! Travel to a world where steam power is widely used, and weave a tale where Steampunk horror rules the night. Tell a tale of imagination, fascination and horror that will keep the reader enthralled by what was or might have been in an age dominated by clockworks of brass, pneumatic […]

Just Over 5 Days Left!!

The Sirens Call is still accepting submissions for our observer themed second issue. If you need more details find them here. The deadline is April 1st, 2012. We look forward to reading what you send us!