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Into the Dark with Alex Woolf

With the release of our seventeenth anthology, we at Sirens Call Publications decided not to break tradition and asked all of the contributing authors in FEAR: Of the Dark to share the inspiration for their stories. Out of the nine authors whose tales lurk between the covers waiting to terrify you, seven took up the […]

AN ABERRANT MIND BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Ken MacGregor

Ken MacGregor has been traversing the internet talking about his quirky horror collection titled An Aberrant Mind. So what is it that sets this collection of tales apart from others? We asked Ken to tell us what he thinks… Introspection about my Collection Ken MacGregor I’ve been thinking about An Aberrant Mind. It’s a collection […]

ESSENCE BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Ela Lourenco

Ela Lourenco has been touring the internet in support of her debut novel Essence. Essence is a paranormal fantasy with romantic twinges and we wanted to know which character in the book is Ela’s favourite… Carrick: My Favourite Character in Essence Ela Lourenco Many of my readers have asked me who my favourite character in […]

DUSK AND SUMMER BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Joseph Pinto!

Joseph Pinto has been touring the internet, supporting his novella Dusk and Summer. Dusk and Summer was written as a tribute to his father, who he lost to cancer in 2007. Given that the subject matter is so intensely personal to Joseph, we wanted to know why people should pick up Dusk and Summer and […]

CLIMATE CHANGE BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Daniel Durrant!

Daniel Durrant is touring the internet this week on a virtual book tour, supporting his debut novella. A Steampunk tale with elements of espionage and suspense, Climate Change is book those who love the genre are not going to want to miss. We asked Daniel to tell us what makes Climate Change different from the other […]

THE COVEN BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Angie Gallow!

Angie Gallow is currently touring the internet in support of her vampiric horror debut novel, The Coven. But what is it that sets The Coven apart from other vampire novels? We thought that question was best answered by Angie herself, but before we get to her answer, let’s learn a little more about her… The author […]

After the End with Julianne Snow

Every time that Sirens Call Publications releases an anthology, we ask each of the authors to provide us with a guest post; something that speaks to the inspiration for their story that you will read. With the release of Carnage: After the End – Volume 1 &Volume 2, our inspiration series may run a little longer than […]

Reaping with J. Marie Ravenshaw – Inspiration for Gable’s Leatherworks…

J. Marie Ravenshaw is the author of Gable’s Leatherworks in Sirens Call Publications latest anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap. We wanted to know what her inspiration was, so we decided to ask. This is what J. Marie told us… J. Marie’s Inspiration for Gable’s Leatherworks When I was a young child, I […]

Reaping with John H. Dromey – Digging Up Ideas…

John H. Dromey is the author of The False Odor of Sanctity in Now I Lay Me Down to Reap, Sirens Call Publications newest anthology. Wanting to know the inspiration for his story, we asked John. We received this guest post in response… Digging Up Ideas When a friend showed me a write-up on grave […]

Reaping with Lori Michelle – You Should Have…

Lori Michelle is the author of You Should Have in Sirens Call Publications newest anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap. We wanted to know the inspiration behind it, so we asked Lori. This is what she shared with us… You Should You “You Should Have” was written in a response to a joke […]