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OPEN SUBMISSIONS: Mental Ward: Experiments

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce it has re-opened submissions for: Mental Ward: Experiments The elevator doors open, the lights are flickering, the gurney is wheeled into a dank, dimly-lit hallway well below ground. Does the Doctor have the patient’s best interests at heart, or is something more nefarious going on? How does the […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #15 – Crypto!

The Sirens Call Issue #15 – all to do with Cryptozoology – has been unleashed on the world! As always The Sirens Call is free to download so share and share alike!! With 85 pages of flash fiction, short stories and poetry, it’s chock full of great fiction! And there’s an interview and artwork from […]

CLIMATE CHANGE BLOG TOUR: Guest Post by Daniel Durrant!

Daniel Durrant is touring the internet this week on a virtual book tour, supporting his debut novella. A Steampunk tale with elements of espionage and suspense, Climate Change is book those who love the genre are not going to want to miss. We asked Daniel to tell us what makes Climate Change different from the other […]

The Coven Blog Tour: Winners!!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway to win 1 of 5 digital copies of The Coven by Angie Gallow on her recent virtual book tour! The winners are: Sarah MacGuire Jai Gagne Lori Franklin Hopkins Shah Wharton Ross Carrothers We hope you enjoy The Coven and would love to hear your thoughts on […]

SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: The Sirens Call Issue #15 – Crypto

Submissions for the 15th issue of The Sirens Call have closed. We’d like to thank all of the authors who submitted their cryptozoological stories for our consideration and we will be in touch shortly! If you’re an author looking for an inexpensive way to promote your book, consider purchasing some Ad space in this FREE […]

OPEN SUBMISSIONS: The Sirens Call Issue #15 – Crypto

Sirens Call Publications is now accepting submissions for the 15th issue of The Sirens Call. This issue’s theme is Crypto: It crawls, it flies, it slithers, it slides! What does your creature do? For this eZine we are searching the darker regions for stories of the seen but unsubstantiated; creatures imagined in legends tall or […]

RELEASE: The Sirens Call Issue #14 – Old School Horror

Sirens Call Publications has released the 14th issue of The Sirens Call themed Old School Horror! With 109 pages of flash fiction, poetry, short stories, it’s an issue you’re going to want to download for FREE!! With an interview and photography from Tanja Jurkovic as well as an interview from Daniel Durrant, author of Climate […]

RELEASE: An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of An Aberrant Mind by Ken MacGregor ABERRANT is defined as unusual, abnormal or different. The stories in this book not only differ from most of what you read, but also wildly from each other. A retired school teacher takes on an elder god and his […]

RELEASE: Essence by Ela Lourenco

Sirens Call Publications is pleased to announce the release of… Essence by Ela Lourenco Katra is a Fae Hunter in a world once ravaged by a terrible war. Having lost all memory of her childhood and rightful identity, her duty is now to protect the tentative peace brokered by the varying races of the supernatural […]

SUBMISSIONS CLOSED: The Sirens Call Issue #14 – Old School Horror

Submissions for Issue #14 of The Sirens Call are now closed. Submissions for our flash contest are also closed. Sirens Call Publications would like to thank all the authors who submitted their work to us for consideration. We will be in touch shortly. Our next issue, featuring stories and poetry of Old School Horror will […]