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Colin F. Barnes: On Childhood Nightmares

We asked Colin F. Barnes, author of ‘Shades of Red’ in Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed, what haunts his dreams, both now and as a young lad, and where his inspiration for horror comes from – this is what he told us… Freddy Krueger: Monolith of Children’s Nightmares I was lucky to be an 80’s […]

Childhood Nightmares: Under the Bed Now Available!

They haunt us all. Those whispered tales of monsters hiding under the bed, or of the demons lurking in the shadowy corner where we dare not glance for fear that seeing them will make them all too real. Oh, how the innocent landscape of a child’s imagination lends fertile soil to horrors ready to be […]

Days with the Undead Blog Tour: Round Up #1

Well hello everyone! I hope everyone has been well since the last time we posted. Right now Julianne Snow is touring around the internet on her whirlwind tour, promoting her book Days with the Undead: Book One. Have you been keeping up? Not to worry if you haven’t – here is a round-up of all the sites […]